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3 fun ways to relieve stress & burn calories during covid-19

The coronavirus means most people are staying home. If you are among those at home these past few weeks, it’s normal to worry about weight gain. The stress the virus has caused makes succumbing to emotional eating easy. Help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic by abstaining from tempting foods and instead finding fun ways to burn calories and banish stress.

Watch Your Favorite Comedians

Laughing burns calories! Enjoy comedy specials to put a smile on your face, blast some calories, and work your abdominal muscles. Netflix provides an excellent resource for comedy specials from comedians such as Tom Segura, Dana Carvey, and Amy Shumer among many, many others. YouTube provides another option for finding comedian or sketch comedy clips you love.

Have A Virtual Dance Party

Throw a virtual dance extravaganza with your friends and family using Zoom, Google Hangouts Video, or another means. Everyone can take turns choosing a song everyone has to dance to. Do this for at least 30 minutes to burn serious calories and laugh over loved ones’ goofy dance moves. You’ll feel amazing once the half hour ends and may want to keep going.

Play With Your Pets

Use the downtime to give your pets more attention. Play frisbee or fetch with the dog in your backyard if you have the space, or your local park while following social distancing rules. Go on more walks with your favorite pooch as well to burn extra calories and enjoy the stress relief canines so often bring. Even playing with the cat helps burn calories because you’re constantly bending over to pick up and throw the mouse, ball, wad of paper, etc.

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