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3 Foolproof Weight Loss Tips

With so many fast weight loss tips out there, it can be challenging to separate the good from the not-so-good. To help you create a weight loss regimen with Phentermine 37.5mg you’ll feel great about, review some of the best tips ever for shedding pounds by experts. 

Be Aware of Fullness Cues

Staying aware of when you are really and truly full is essential to quick weight loss.

“Learning and honoring these cues takes practice, so be patient with yourself,” says registered dietitian Ashleigh Kidd, RD, LDN. “If you don’t know where to start, check out a hunger/fullness scale and consider journaling your hunger/fullness feelings to explore what those feel/look like for you.”

Eat Plenty of Protein

Protein is a key weight loss nutrient.

“Try to include protein in snacks, and pair with a carbohydrate source (i.e. Greek yogurt with fruit and hemp seeds),” Kidd notes. “It’s important to remember that nutrition isn’t one size fits all. Protein needs are unique based on things like body weight, activity level, medical history, and more. If you’re not sure how to determine your protein needs or want to make sure you’re consuming enough, reach out to your medical provider.”

Think About What You Can Add

What can you add to your diet vs. what you need to eliminate is a helpful hack.

“When we eliminate foods or put ‘food rules’ into place, it often leads to increased consumption of the very food we’ve put off limits,” explains Kidd. “Not to mention, heavily restrictive diets may lead to obsessive thoughts about food, food guilt/shame, disordered eating patterns, overeating and/or binging, weight cycling, low energy levels, and a poor relationship with food.”

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