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3 flat stomach mistakes women make

Achieving a flat, svelte stomach is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of weight loss, particularly for women. If you have been taking Phentermine 37.5mg diligently, working out, and making smart food decisions most of the time but still not seeing the stomach shrinkage you desire, read on. You could be making mistakes that are injuring your flat tummy efforts without realizing it.

Mistake #1: You Drink Soda

Ordering soda instead of water or tea every time you go to a restaurant or get takeout is a recipe for belly fat. Beverages sweetened with sugar easily add to your caloric intake for the day, promoting weight gain specifically around the stomach. Stick to water as much as possible, and feel free to infuse it with assorted fruits and vegetables if you need some flavor.

Mistake #2: You Eat Gluten-Free Breads

Gluten-free breads may seem like a great excuse to eat more of the favorite food; however, most of these breads are made from refined grains. White rice flour gluten-free bread is among the most popular and features twice the carbs of whole wheat versions. Cut down your bread consumption as much as possible and stick to those made with whole grains and seeds when you do indulge.

Mistake #4: You Use A Big Wine Glass

Alcohol is full of empty calories, and wine is no exception. If you reach for a sizeable wine glass every time you want vino, you are adding to your caloric intake for the day….and expanding your waistline. Additionally, since the body burns alcohol first, any food you eat does not get metabolized as quickly, resulting in weight gain. Alcohol’s ability to lower inhibitions makes poor food choices more likely as well. Choose a small wine glass and measure your pour every time to keep the weight off.
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