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3 Easy Ways to Drink Less This Summer For Fast Weight Loss

Summer is synonymous with many things–the beach, barbecues, and plenty of other outdoor events. Since many summertime events include beer and other libations, it gets easy to have more than a few…and pack on the pounds due to the many calories most alcoholic beverages feature. Rather than injuring your fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine pills, review ways to drink less alcohol throughout the warmest months of the year. 

Don’t “Start Early”

The earlier you start drinking, such as while attending a beach barbecue, the easier it is to drink to excess. Rather than feeling disappointed and bloated the following day, wait to have your first beverage for as long as possible. For example, if you can hold off all day and have your first drink with dinner, you’ll save yourself hundreds upon hundreds of calories. Stick to drinking water throughout the day as well, especially since being out in the summer heat dehydrates you quickly. 

Opt For Low-Calorie Drinks Whenever Possible

Beer, especially craft beer, is typically high in calories. Even wine, which is often considered as less calorie-heavy than beer, is often no friend to quick weight loss. Sugary cocktails are also calorie bombs, such as strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas. The best alcoholic beverages for weight loss generally involve clear liquor and low-calorie mixers. For example, a vodka and seltzer is a good choice, since seltzer is calorie-free. It also helps you stay hydrated. 

Distract Yourself

If you feel the urge to have a libation sooner than you’d like on a warm summer day, look for healthy distractions. Go swimming if possible, arrange to meet with friends, play with the kids in the backyard, or do some cleaning if it’s too hot to go outdoors. These and other healthy distraction options help you burn calories and you’ll feel proud of yourself for not drinking besides. 

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