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3 diet tips that lower related stress

3 Diet Tips That Lower Related Stress | How To Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight can be stressful due to calorie counting, finding time to work out, and worrying why the extra pounds aren’t melting fast enough. If you plan on taking Phentermine 37.5mg to help you lose weight quickly, the right diet is still key.

Use these diet hacks recommended by experts to lower your stress level on your weight loss journey. 

Load Up on Raw Vegetables

Fill your plate with raw veggies to help you stay full and satiated. They also help manage cortisol, or the stress hormone linked to increased belly fat. 

“Mostly for the stress relief that comes from chewing them, eating raw vegetables can help release clenched jaws and decrease cortisol levels as well,” says Dr. San Miguel. “Veggies are very low in calories and are filled with essential nutrients and dietary fiber.”

Eat Less Sugar

Abstain from sugar to help yourself stress less. 

“High sugar foods will lead you to crave more high sugar foods, creating an endless cycle,” says Dr. San Miguel. “Consuming sugar is linked to higher cortisol levels in obese individuals.”

However, you can still enjoy dark chocolate in small amounts. 

“Studies show that consuming dark chocolate reduces cortisol response to a stress challenge,” she says.

Opt For Complex Carbs

Switch from simple to complex carbohydrates to assist with fast weight loss. 

“Simple carbs like sweets and sodas are digested quickly and lead to a spike in serotonin, making us feel quick stress relief, but it does not last long and before you know it you will be craving for more sweets to replicate the feeling. As you can imagine, this leads to continuous elevated blood sugars which in turn eventually will lead to elevated cortisol levels, weight gain, and eventually many chronic diseases,” explains Dr. San Miguel. “Since complex carbs take longer to digest, they tend to be the ones that release a steadier supply of our feel-good hormone serotonin.”

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