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3 bad holiday eating habits to avoid

Since the holiday season often means attending a number of festive gatherings, it can be easy to overeat and derail your Phentermine 37.5 mg efforts. Help yourself make smart food choices this holiday season by reviewing the following signs. You may be injuring your efforts without realizing it.

You Never Eat Before You Attend

Sometimes things happen and you don’t get the chance to eat before you attend a holiday party. Purposefully skipping meals all day, on the other hand? An easy way to overeat at the event. You may think you are saving calories, but arriving at any party on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Not only will you likely eat more sugar and white flour-based foods because you are so hungry, any alcohol you consume will hit you harder. Lowered inhibitions from alcohol intake causes many people to eat more calories.

Enjoy healthy meals featuring plenty of protein, fiber, and complex carbs before you attend holiday parties–you’ll feel fuller for much longer and won’t get intoxicated as fast.

You Focus On The Sweets

Do you always fill up on sweets? Maybe you find yourself eating more cookies and cake because you’re a vegetarian and most of the food is meat-based. Perhaps you simply have a sweet tooth and indulge because there’s so many fabulous sweets available. Regardless, again make a point of eating before you go. Fill up on foods such as veggies and hummus at the party so you eat less sweet things later on. If there’s a room solely for desserts, avoid it!

You Always Go Back For Seconds & Thirds

It can be easy to want to eat more at holiday parties because there’s so much good food available. This can easily lead to seconds, thirds, and even fourths–servings your waistline doesn’t need. Recognize when you are truly hungry at parties or any other time–are you bored? Emotional? Thirsty?

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