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3 bad habits that increase belly fat

Belly fat is the bane of many who want to lose weight, as it seems to be the most stubborn to get rid of. If you have recently started started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and are exercising regularly but still cannot seem to banish the belly fat, read on. You might be making a few mistakes that are injuring your efforts without you realizing it.

Drinking Diet Soda

Diet soda may seem like the calorie-safe alternative to regular soda, however it still affects your waistline. The sweet liquid contains aspartame, a substance that raises blood glucose to a level where the liver can no longer accommodate it. The result? The glucose is turned into fat. Drink black or green tea if you need a caffeine buzz!

Spending Too Much Time On Social Media

Looking at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites while on the couch or in bed is an increasing problem in this country. Instead of getting up and burning calories any number of ways, people are sitting and lying down while looking at their phones. Instead of seeing what your friends are doing online, meet up with them at local parks…and go for walks!

Eating Mindlessly

Mindless eating, whether in front of the fridge, the television, out at a restaurant, or anywhere else, is a direct path to weight gain. You are unaware of exactly how much food you are consuming, causing you to gain weight in your stomach and everywhere else. Stop and think before you eat, and ask yourself if you are really and truly hungry. If the answer is yes, opt for a healthy snack or meal. If you are just bored or eating for any other reason besides hunger, find ways to distract yourself, preferably those of the calorie-burning variety.

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