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3 “Bad” Carbs That Aid Weight Loss

Carbs are often regarded as weight loss enemies, but there are actually numerous healthy carbs that assist your efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg. Learn about some of the best carbs diet experts recommend for fast weight loss


Corn, specifically corn on the cob, helps you shed pounds. 

“Your brain has more time to get the signal that you’ve eaten,” The Nutrition Twins say about eating corn on the cob. “Plus, the visual cue of the kernel-less cob on your plate helps to keep you aware of how much you’ve eaten, so it’s more difficult to ‘forget’ what you’ve had. Add that an ear of corn is only about 100 calories, with three grams of fiber, which fills you up.”


Often labeled a bad carb, potatoes are actually extremely helpful for quick weight loss. 

“A medium-sized potato is only 110 calories, has no fat, and is satisfying, thanks to its water content and its five grams of fiber, if eaten with the skin,” The Nutrition Twins say. “It gets a bad rap since it’s usually overeaten and heavily fried or slathered in butter, sour cream, and/ or mashed, skinless whipped with butter, cream, or full-fat milk. However, when left in its natural form, it can satisfy a carb craving as a healthy component of a meal.”


Whole wheat options are among the best: 

“Not all bread is created equal,” The Nutrition Twins note. “The whole wheat bread is where it’s at. One slice of whole wheat bread is only 110 to 120 calories and can stop the feeling of carb deprivation in its tracks. This is a big deal since when people feel deprived of carbs, that’s when they end up overdoing it or binging on refined carbs or sugar and really doing a lot of damage to their waistline.”

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