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2 weight loss related reasons to drink less beer

2 Weight Loss-Related Reasons to Drink Less Beer -

Some people have one or two beers every day, while others drink three or more brews per day. As fun imbibing can be, drinking the libation daily can seriously hinder your weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg. Learn why diet experts want you to limit your beer intake below. 

It Can Affect Your Workout Regimen

Beer is not a healthy pre- or post-workout drink. 

“Trying to get fit can feel tough enough without beer working against you,” the Nutrition Twins say. “Beer is dehydrating. So if you’re not properly hydrating after drinking, you’ll not only impair your workout, but also you won’t be able to efficiently rebuild your muscles after exercise since your body needs to stay hydrated to do so,” they elaborate. “Plus, research shows drinking beer after a workout may impair muscle recovery and makes hydration much more challenging.”

Other symptoms you could experience from drinking beer before working out include impaired hand-eye coordination, blood pressure changes, fatigue, balance issues, and heart rate changes. 

It Contributes to Weight Gain

Beer might be “liquid calories,” but it is no friend to weight loss. 

“The average can of beer is about 150 calories,” says the Nutrition Twins. “While that may not sound like much, if you don’t change anything else in your diet and drink only one can of beer a day, over the course of the year, this may lead to more than an additional 15.5 pounds on your frame.”

Heavy pours can mean increasing your caloric intake by 50 to 100 calories per beverage. 

“[Adding this amount of extra calories to your beer serving] can equal as much as 26 pounds over the course of the year,” the Nutrition Twins continue.”And many people don’t stop at just one beer. That beer lowers inhibitions while increasing hunger, and you can set yourself up to overeat on top of it all.”

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