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I started this year at 200lbs, my goal was to be  healthy again at 155. Dr. James Kojian and Drtohelp has been a great help. I have learned to eat better, and have the energy again to exercise. I am so thankful I found you.

Adrianna F.

As of today I have officially lost 25 pounds and I am going on my 4th month of phentermine!! I couldn’t be more thankful for this product because it honestly has worked miracles for me. Tahnk you Dr. James Kojian and DrtoHelp.com

Marlee M.

I’ve lost 55 lbs so far! I am 29 years old, and I’ve never felt better!!! Thanks to Dr. Kojian and DrtoHelp,  Phentermine gave me that extra push I needed to get going with my weight loss journey.

Brianna T.

With Phentermine I have lost over 40 pounds. I have tried most diet pills out there and this is the only one that's worked. Thank you Dr. Kojian and DrtoHelp.com!

Sulema G.

I gained more weight than I did when I was pregnant 21yrs ago on last yr due to divorce and job issues. I needed to change my eating habits because I am an emotional eater. Thanks to Dr. James Kojian and drtohelp.com the phentermine helped tremendously to control my appetite!

Shirletta S.

I started this journey at 225 pounds and with the help of phentermine, diet and exercise Because of drtohelp.com and Dr. James Kojian I have managed to lose 65 pounds. I run  1/2 marathons and have completed two Spartan races.Thank you all for your help.

Anna J.

I was close to 200 lbs. when I decided to try this medicine and I am so happy I did. I lost 30lbs in just 2 months ! I am now currently down to my before pregnancy weight. I feel so much better since I lost my weight! Thank you Drtohelp and Dr. James Kojian!

Candice P.

Phentermine helped me defeat the cravings! When I started on my weight loss journey I felt destitute and helpless. Thanks to DrtoHelp and Dr. James Kojian, I got my life back. I lost the weight I needed to lose and I accomplished my goals. Phentermine gave me the strength to ignore the cravings and focus on discovering a healthier me!

Michelle C.

Is has been a struggle to lose weight my entire life but with the help of Dr. James Kojian and Drtohelp.com, I have been able to curb any cravings and have so much energy to take control of my life. It's has given me the boost I have needed to push past the plateau you often face and continue my weight loss journey. Thank you so muc...

Amanda H.

Mr. M. was able to lose over 30 pounds with the help of Dr. James Kojian, drtohelp.com and phentermine. Phentermine was able to cut his appetite shrink his stomach and help him lose weight. He looks and feels great and is healthier too. 

Mr. M.

Thank you!!! I’m beyond grateful to DrtoHelp and Dr. James Kojian for giving me back my life!  I was miserable ~ unhappy and felt bad everyday ~ losing this weight has giving me back my HAPPY!!! 

Donna H.

I was able to lose 95 pounds, and I want to thank drtohelp.com and Dr. James Kojian M.D. in helping lose weight. I feel so much better now and have so much more energy. 

Marjorie L.

I have lost 30 pounds and need to lose 30 more and I know that is a reasonable and achievable goal.  Thank you DrtoHelp, Dr. James Kojian and all of the staff! I am so grateful to you all! 

Stacie S.

I struggled to lose weight because of my bad habit of snacking.  After getting my prescription of phentermine from Dr. to help, I started taking only 1/2 a pill at noon each day.  It gave me energy and took the edge off my hunger. Thank you Dr. Kojian and DrtoHelp.com to for giving me these tools to help in my struggl...

Kelly T.

I began my weight loss journey with DrtoHelp.com in January of 2018. I struggled to lose weight because of my bad habit of snacking on things in the afternoons.  Thank you Dr. James Kojian for giving me this tool to help in my struggle.   

Melissa H.

I want to thank drtohelp.com and Dr. James Kojian M.D. in helping me lose weight with phentermine. Phentermine really helps me curb my appetite and they provide videos and a food list which showed me how to eat and not feel as hungry throughout the day.  

Kayci H.

I never thought I could lose weight, but the cravings went away completely and it helped me build better eating habits. I'm very thankful with Dr. Kojian and the DrtoHelp team! I went down from 180 pounds to 135 pounds.

Montserrat E.

I was 230 lbs after 170 lbs.  I  lost 60 lbs between 12/16-8/17 using phentermine as a tool in addition to working out.  Maintenance since. I want to thank Drtohelp.com and Dr. James Kojian M.D. for helping me  in losing weight using phentermine. 

Nicole S.

I have lost 65 lbs on phentermine! It has helped me curb my appetite and gain control of my life back!   Thanks you Dr. Kojian and Drtohelp.com

Yvonne M.

I want to thank drtohelp.com and Dr. James Kojian M.D. in helping me lose 55 pounds using phentermine and his program. I was able to cut my hunger learn how to eat better.  Thank you so much. I look and feel much better. 


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